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What is Backup Set Inconsistency (10 at NNNNNN)

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What is a Backup Set Inconsistency (10 at NNNNNN) msg in the log window.

NNNNNN refers to six digit number such as 652155.


The message occurs when verifying a backup set.


To help myself, I searched the knowledgebase for the word inconsistency and got NADA.


Using retrospect 6.0.206, retrospect driver update 3.4.106, LITE-ON CD-RW-RDI, windows 98se


The actual drive is a one which Dantz claimed was supported, but never worked--LITE ON 24102 non-compaq version, I forget, but AMYC and I did a whole thread on it and it was never resolved.


Nonetheless, by not using native support on this drive and using Retrospect to treat it generically with the retrospect CDRW utility, I was able to get past the error 102's and error 100's and actually do a backup.

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