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Multiple folder backup question


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I recently purchased a Maxtor 5000XT external HD and am using Retrospect 5.6 that came with it. I have started setting up my machines to backup data and have run into a very basic issue that the software doesn't seem to address:


I want to be able to backup only a few folders of a given volume, and not the whole volume, however, the software only seems to limit the Source to one folder or volume only. This is very limitting!


For instance, say I have the following:


Volume D:\

+- Folder1

+- Folder2

+- Folder3

+- Folder4

+- Folder5


and I want to back up Folder1 and Folder4 only everytime I press on the front-pael button of my removable HD, how do I set this up in Retrospect? The so-called "scripts" seem limitted for this kind of backup and the UI doesn't allow me to multi-select folders.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

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