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RetroServer bungled Windows backups

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I have Retrospect Server [5.0.238] running on OS 9(2.2) backing up Windows NT/2k machines thru the Retrospect Windows 6.x clients. I had an NT box die yesterday and went to do a full restore and low-and-behold.. there are integral pieces missing! Most notably C:/WINNT/system32/config/, there is no config folder at all and no Registry entries. What gives??

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You'll need to follow the instructions in the manual for restoring the Registry with regcopy. If regcopy was not used with the backup, there is no Registry to restore.


From the User's Guide under Network Backup:


Starting and Automating the Registry Backup Manager (NT/2000/XP Only)


These steps are unnecessary under Windows 95/98/Me. You should already be logged in to

the client computer with Administrator privileges. Go to the default installation path

Program Files/Dantz/Client and double-click RegCopy. Enable daily, unattended saving of the registry by clicking On and Apply. Click the Help tab for more information.



Under Restore > Restoring a Windows Client


* WARNING: After restoring the files, do not restart Windows NT/2000/XP before restoring

the registry information, as described below.


Restore NT/2000/XP Registry

Restore the Windows NT/2000/XP registry with the Registry Backup Manager (page 86). Start

the Registry Backup Manager from its shortcut and click its Replace tab. Click the top Browse button and specify the source folder, which you just restored. Click the bottom Browse button to change the destination folder; specify the restored Windows system folder (often WINNT). Click Replace Now to replace the current registry with the backup.

The Windows 95/98/Me registry is restored by Retrospect when you restore all files, so it does not need the Registry Backup Manager.




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