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Back-up on network problem

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Everything was fine was backing up automatically every 2 nights over my local network, had the other machine off couple of days to change noisy fan, when it was back on it had a different IP address, well i changed this information in Retrospect but no matter what i do it doesnt find the other machine, every other app on my machine finds it no problem but not retrospect.

What can it be...I cant do backs-ups now!

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can anyone help....

i set the correct IP address / directory, when it starts to back-up i get this message....

Device trouble: "Backup Set A". error 225 (FTP: no write privileges, bad name, or disk full).



well i know disc is not full... anyone with any ideas?



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So, if I'm reading your post correctly, you're backing up to another computer on your own network that is set up as an FTP server?


What do you mean by: every other app on my machine finds it no problem but not retrospect


That you can see the machine through file sharing or that other FTP utilities can read/write to the FTP server?


The following Knowledgebase link can help troubleshoot this error:



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I should make it more clear smile.gif

Im trying to back-up to an FTP server (which happens to be in my flat)

I just keep getting 255 error, FTP app's like Transmit find my server and can read and write to it no problem, but with Retrospect i just get the error.

I checked out that KB and it didnt help...


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Dantz no help with this matter!



Remember that this Forum is provided by Dantz as a way for users to come together and help each other. It's not official Dantz support, so before you say that they're no help you might consider asking them for help directly!


Searching for a bit of text you included in your message I came across this thread from just about a year ago. It might be the answer to your question:



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