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Duplicate to ext. drive: Must partition sizes match?

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Background: 5.0.238 with driver 3.4 operated superbly with OS 10.2.4 in duplicating my two internal partitions to an external firewire drive on which I'd created matching size partitions. I'd like to erase the external drive and change it from 2 to 3 partitions so I can use one for testing betas. To grab the space on the external for the 3rd partition, I'd have to reduce the space allotted to the 2 other partitions.




Question: Can one Duplicate and keep in sync an internal drive partition's contents on a smaller partition on an external drive? If so, do I have to do anything differently than one would do in duplicating and syncing between internal and external partitions of the same size, such as optimize first or each time? confused.gif

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