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Verification Problem - "Unknown Status"

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Mac G4, 256 K Ram, OS 10.2.4


Retrospect Backup 5.0.238

Retrospect 5.0 Driver Update 3.4.103, creation date: Feb. 12, 2003


Backups to the G4's DVD drive: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-104 (Driver: Pioneer DVD/CD-RW (5.01)).



I have run into two problems with Retrospect on this single G4.


After completing a backup, when Retro asks for a previous disk to complete verification, it often fails to reconize the disk, and gives the following message, after I put in the CD and the disk mounts:


"Unknown status"


My only choice is to ignore that disk, which is clearly problematic.


I have no other problems with this drive - I burn and play CDs without difficulty.


I have created four or five backups sets, and the problem occurs with each one.


As well, I get repeated "Catalog Out of Synch" errors. I assume these are related to the problem above.


I have considered reinstalling Retrospect, but thought I'd see if there were less drastic solutions.


I continue to use Retrospect on a machine with Mac OS 9 and don't get these problems at all, so these problems appear particular to OS X.


Thanks for any help you can give.









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Just in case anyone is interested, I appear to have 'solved' this problem by by running the OS X utility that repairs Permissions. After that I made a new backup set and it works fine.


I don't know much about the inner workings of OS X but from what I have read, repairing permissions on a regular basis may be a good idea.



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