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Can't auto-connect with password to SMB server's backup set

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I'm trying to setup a computer to backup from Retrospect on a Mac onto a file server volume that's hosted by a Windows 2000 Server.


Originally I attempted to set it up to backup using the AFP protocol, and it was able to set the password to auto-logon using AFP mode using the "volume:configure" option which worked, but since the volume has over 2GB of information, the backup hung and never worked once it hit the 2GB AFP file limit.


The next route I tried was to use the SMB protocol to connect to the server since I read on Dantz site that it had a file limit of 2TB. I setup a windows username and password, and connected using SMB in the finder and then went to the volumes window and went to go configure the volume using the "volume" menu's "configure" option to set the password. I noticed immediately on this screen that it did not list the name of the volume or server or username correctly - it would either show random junk or them as all blank. I set the password anyways. When I went to test that auto-login functionality by unmounting the SMB volume in the finder and choosing to browse the volume from the volumes window, it gave me the following error message


Sorry, server login falied, error -5000 (server: no privileges)


Server: 11




Please try using the chooser to connect to it


The server's name is not "11" as it states in the error message. I think there is some bug with retrospect here - I called and checked to make sure that I had the latest version installed. What should I do? Is there a way to get around the SMB problem? Or is there a way to split a backup set into multiple files so that I can do it on AFP which works?


I have retrospect 5.0.238 and am running it on Mac OS X 10.2.4.


Thanks for any ideas!


From: Ed

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there a way to get around the SMB problem?




No; Retrospect does not support configuring SMB mounted volumes (remember that Retrospect 5.0 shipped when Mac OS X 10.1.2 was new, which did not contain an SMB client).




Or is there a way to split a backup set into multiple files so that I can do it on AFP which works?




Sure, lots of ways. You can utilize Retrospect's ability to Define folders as volumes to chunk your data into smaller sets (scripts can contain multiple Backup Sets, so you don't need to increase the number of scripts you run).




Thinking deeper, you might be able to take advantage of AppleScript's Folder Actions to backup to a local HD and then have the resulting file copied to a remote server automagically. I've never tried this, but it might be pretty easy (although you'd have to be logged into the Aqua Finder for this to work, in which case you could also log in as root when you mount your SMB volume, which should give you the access you need).





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