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Immutable tape labels?


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Whenever I use a tape for a backup (DDS2), Retrospect puts its own label

on it ("[volumeNumber] - [backupsetName]"). Is there any way to get

Retrospect to NOT relabel the tapes? I want to give each tape a unique

label that will remain constant for the life of the tape, and have Retrospect

use that label name only.


Jim Garrison


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Retrospect names tapes according to the backup set they belong to for ease of use and organizational purposes.


If the backup set is called: Amy's Backup, the first tape will be called 1-Amy's Backup. When the first tape fills up, the second tape will be 2-Amy's Backup and so on. This allows the user to put in the correct tape easily and quickly for backup and restore purposes.


It is not possible to change how tapes are named. You can, however, name your backup sets however you choose.

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