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Backup to External Firewire Drive causes hang

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Hopefully, I won't get busted for cross-posting, but I want to make sure that this is not an Express-only problem. Anyone else in a similar situation and succeeding (or failing) with Desktop, Workgroup or Server version?



Having trouble backing up a 17" LCD iMac (last version, not the new one) to a single file on an external firewire HD. I can backup (8 GB)) to a file on the internal drive. I can also Immediate->Duplicate his internal to a firewire external. I cannot, however, backup to a file on an external firewire drive. I've tried two very different external drives and two different cables and the application just hangs after 3-5 GB.

I'm running 5.0238 Express and MacOS 10.2.4


Dennis Kane


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