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Retro client turns itself off?

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I have a dedicated Retro backup Mac server running OS X 10.2.4.

I have 2 Retro clients, both are OSX Server 10.2.3 Macs. The servers have hardware SCSI data RAIDs.

I run incremental nightly backups, 1 per night. Simple setup. Been running great for months.


Last night my backup started. It backed-up client # 1 (OS X Server), first the data RAID and then the system boot drive with no problem. Business as usual.


Then it backed up client #2 (also an OS X Server box). It first backed up the data RAID, but it never backed up the system boot drive.


What's REALLY weird is I NEVER log out physically from my 2 servers. I am ALWAYS logged in as an admin (locally). But this morning I came in to work and noticed that server #2 was at the login prompt, as if I had logged out or the system rebooted/crashed. The uptime stated that it has been up for 19 days. Nobody else has access to my data center. Something caused my system to hicup. Yet none of my network LAN clients were dropped from the OS X Server.



The Retro server logs says: "Error 541. (Client not installed or not running)." So I went over to client #2, (and OS X Server), and checked it's Retro config. Sure enough, the Retro client agent was turned OFF. I didn't turn it off, and I didnt log out from the server, either. There is a ghost in the machine! When I turned Retro client back on, it told me that the previous nigh'ts backup was COMPLETE. As if nothing went wrong.


Looks to me like the Retro server backed up client #1, completed it fine, went to client #2 and completed 1/2 it's job, and at that point Retro (or something) caused my Server's (local) admin account to log out, and caused client #2's Retro client software to turn OFF, and at the same time RetroServer was (of course) unable to find the system drive in order to complete the backup...


1) Can Retrospect 5 log out connected (local) user accounts? Why? How?


2) Can Retro (client) turn itself off?


3) Can Retro run if nobody is logged in locally? I assume it can...


4) Any ideas?

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