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controlling demands by Retrospect on network bandwidth


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I'm evaluating the use of Retrospect for 50 staff sharing an ethernetwork. I've found that even one user making a full backup swamps the network, taking up to 70% of the available bandwidth. This causes email clients, for example, to timeout, which is unacceptable.


Lowering the client priority to minimum helps (like nothing much seems to happen), but anything setting above the minimum seems to have little effect.


Anyway, what I really need is a way of setting a maximum demand on networth bandwidth of all current backups (say 10%).


Is this possible? Or must I confine backups to nighttime only?





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The only configurable controls are in the user priority settings, which you've already changed. Retrospect is a very system intensive program - we recommend running backups at night when possible to prevent network and computer slowdowns and open file errors.

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