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Fatal Exception when trying a disaster recovery

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I received Retrospect 5.6.132 with a Maxtor one touch 5000LE. I'm using it with Windows 98SE and so far I'm using USB 1.1. I have a Shuttle

AK 32 mother board and AMD 1.7 CPU. It has the VIA chipset and the 4 in 1 update has been installed. It has 256 mb Ram.


The save went well. I duplicated the disk first, then I made a backup set.


I then made the disaster recovery CD and that went without error. I then, to test the system, unplugged the hard drive and installed another one.

Following the instructions I FDISKed the drive and formatted it. After that, a lot of files were moved to the hard drive, and the system



This system has two monitors, and as it started up both monitors were there and working. I did get an error saying DDEML.DLL was older than

it should be, and it couldn't be fixed while Windows was using it. A reboot should put things right. A reboot came back with the same error.

I compared DDEML.DLL to the same file on another machine and they checked out as the same. I changed the date to the date of the other file

and the error did not come back. I don't think it had anything to do with the next error.


As the desktop appeared, Retrospect started to execute. Within two seconds I got a 'windows' Fatal execption 0E 0028:00000009.

Pushing the 'enter' key presented me with a 'windows' fatal exception 0D 0246:014747FB.


I went back through the whole process and made a new CD. I got the exact same results.


I've looked through the fourm and I don't see anyone else with this problem, so I assume it's not widespread.


Am I missing a step here somewhere?


Once I get it running this looks like an excellent way to back up your data.


Thanks for your time and for any suggestions you can offer.


John Worman

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