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Error 541


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Hi All,

Another Error 541 incident

Currently running Client V6.0 (tried 5.0 & 5.6) on a laptop running WIN XP Pro,

Have a dedicated backup server running Win 2000 Pro, and Retrospect Server v5.6.132.

I have tried to configure TCP/IP, bindlisten to specific IP address, switch N/W cards,etc Basically, if it's listed in the knowledge base, i've tried it.


The client machine does not show up in the clients list when browsing the clients (ex: Piton name service, Multicast, Subnet broadcast, etc)However, all the other clients do show up in the client list. So, that hase me scratching my head at times.


Here's the catch. I cannot connect/test the client from the "Backup Server". Yes, I can ping it, and I get the -541 error when testing from within Retrospect.

BUT I CAN connect just fine from another server if I install the backup software on that unit. It tests OK, and backs up just fine, but I can't have the overhead of running a backup from this machine as it's a application server, not a backup server.


Now, on Tuesday, the laptop client was found, and partially backed up until the script time limit ran out and ended the backup session. Now,the backup server -541's when trying to connect to the laptop client both yesterday and today.


Are there any known issues with the software conflicting with Norton A/V Corp Ed 8.0, or Symantec VPN software? They are the only two factors I can think that would be a factor.

I've tried shutting down the A/V and VPN services in the control panel, and restarting the Retrospect service, but that does not work either.


Does anyone have any ideas where to go from here?




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Hello, everybody,


I'm not sure that we have the same problem, but my problematic configuration is very similar, so here it goes:


- W2k Multiserver 6.0.206 (upgraded from 5.6, but clean - run complete reinstallation);

- client in question: XP Pro w/all recent patches.


From the beginning, the server did not see the client upon python multicast. I added the client by IP. In client properties, it shows now connection speed about 2-3 KB, while all other clients (MacOS 8.1, 9.1, W2k and XP) that sitting on the same hub are in the healthy 1-1.8 MB range. Pinging the client from the server and vice-versa, surfing from it, sniffing its connections etc. did not give any clues: all connection speed tests are fine.


I did try to disable NAV and firewall that are running on the client, but the problem persists. TCP/IP stack and client s/w were reinstalled twice.


Sorry, I'm not a part of the solution...


Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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In Retrospect, go to Configure > Clients and get Properties on the client in question. On the General tab click the Refresh button. This will 'ping' the client and report back a response rate.


Try a direct crossover cable between the server and the client to see if the problem is isolated to the network or the client


Update/reinstall NIC drivers



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Hello, AmyC, good to hear from you!


On 05/13/03 10:26 AM, you wrote:

-In Retrospect, go to Configure...


Tried, the client returns from 2KB up to 20KB, i.e., during the browse volume or backup operation it dies while scanning the file system, even does not start to backup. However, from command line I can ping in both directions without any problem - ping or traceroute times are healthy, as well as traceroute to other external adresses.


- Try a direct crossover cable between the server and the client to see if the problem is isolated to the network or the client...


I can not bring this machine that close to the backup server, unfortunately.


- Update/reinstall NIC drivers...


I did try to reinstall TCP/IP stack. I also played with NIC settings, i.e., disabled/enabled autonegotiation, set it hard to 10MB half, 10MB full - no luck.


I will try drivers reinstallation during the weekend.


Your help will be greatly appreciated. My affection with Dantz product still unshaked, but my users need more...

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