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Trouble printing the Disaster Recovery instructions


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I would like to print the Disaster Recovery instructions as it recommends. During the process of creating the iso file I pressed Print.

What comes out on the printer is only the heading with the date/time DISASTER RECOVERY INFORMATION Page 1. Three pages

print with the heading only. How can I get the instructions to print?


Thank you,



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We're not aware of any issues printing the Disaster Recovery instructions in Retrospect 6.0. What kind of printer is it? Can you print in other applications?


Try opening the Printer Que window and go to Properties. Go to the Device Settings tab and change the Postscript Timeout Values/Job Timeout from the default of 5 seconds to a new setting of 15 seconds. Close the properties box and try to print again.


If this doesn't work, as a workaround, you should be able to copy/paste into a word processing program to print.

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