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Retrospect OS X Extremely Slow

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We have just moved from a 2K server to an Xserve. Backing up 80GB now takes 24 hours!! This used to only take 3 hours max on the 2K server


I have quit all other apps, stopped virus scanning, loaded latest Retrospect pacth and driver updates


Our backup unit is an HP LTO 100/200gb


Any ideas as to what could be causing this massive slowdown?


Kind regards


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Same here, Retrospect server (5.0.238) on Mac OS 9.1, backing up Windows clients at reasonable speed, backing up Mac OS 8.1 & 9.1 clients at resonable speed, - but the Mac OS X 10.2 clients slow down to a crawl of only 1 MB per minute during their backup.


It's soooooo slowww.


Some older Macs (System 8.1) have 10Base T Ethernet on board and are connected to older 10BaseT hubs, but they back up 50 times faster than the new eMacs that are connected to a 100BaseT switch.


This is completely unacceptable!


I have been using Retrospect for 6 years and have never seen it that slow. It is currently impossible to get even one successful backup per week for those brand new macs that are suposedly supported by Retrospect.


Not happy Jan!



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