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This morning the computers were not backed up. The Mac 350 client was still waiting for backup with the

Retrospect Pro 6.0

Windows XP/400mhz/512 RAM/20gig drive.

Backing up on: LaCie 120 USB 2 HDD

Card connecting: ADS Turbo USB 2


Three client computers.


1) PC laptop

2) Apple G3 350 OS 9.0

3) Apple G4 400 OS 9.2



Retrospect screen saver.

The error on the host PC was as follows:


Assertion failure at “elem.cpp-861”


An internal consistency check failed. Detailed technical information on this problem is being written to the file “assert_log.utx”. Retrospect will exit after this completes.




What do I look for in the Assert log to help pinpoint the issue?





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