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undismissable dialog box

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If I have a CD-ROM in my PowerBook's internal CD-RW drive, when Backup Server starts, I get

a dialog box saying that "Retrospect cannot use your CD/DVD drive because the currently mounted

disc contains items that are in use. To use this driver..." Unfortunately, although the dialog box has

a throbbing OK button, pressing it has no effect. Retrospect becomes completely unresponsive (can't

switch windows, can't move the dialog box, can't use the menus, etc.). The only way out is to

force-quit Retrospect.


Is there a way to avoid this? Does anyone else have this problem?


I never want to use the internal drive anyway because it's a CW-8121

which seems to be unreliable without a firmware update that seems to be impossible to get.

Why doesn't the "ignore ID" button work with built-in ATAPI drives?


FWIW, I'm using OS X (10.2.4) on a PB G4 with Retrospect 5.0.238.

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This is a known issue that our engineers are working on. This dialog should not prevent an automated execution. The best workaround is to not leave a CD in the drive when Retrospect is scheduled to autolaunch.


We are investigating ways to "ignore" devices in OS X, as we were able to in OS 9.

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