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Backing Up sqL server


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I am taking backup of a MS SQL server. I have installed retrospect client on this server.

And the Retrospect server is running on other machine.


When the SQL server is running, it does not backup the .mdf files of the database server.

error is - files in use.


Is there a way in retrospect to get around this problem.


Kind regards,




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Retrospect 6.0 and later offers an Open File Backup addon for the Single Server and Multi Server editions. This will allow for a backup of the live SQL databases.


If upgrades are not possible the followings tips may be useful:


Step 1) save a "clone" of your SQL database.

--What you're after is an empty copy with all the fields in their appropriate states and with their relationships already defined. Keep that easily accessible to your backup server.


Step 2) Schedule regular static exports of your SQL data to a tab or comma-delimited file. (A SQL 2000 function) Make sure Retrospect can access that data.


Step 3) Schedule regular backups with Retrospect of that export and of the "clone" data or the entire volume on which it resides.


In case of emergency, retrieve the data and clone with Retrospect and import the most current data into your cloned copy.

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