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Disaster Recovery of Windows XP to CDR


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On multiple attempts, I have yet to burn a readable CD, to be used for “Disaster Recovery” for Windows XP Professional. This is not an issue related to the burn process it’s self. On testing the Disaster Recovery CD by booting from it, the boot process always hangs during “Windows Setup”. “Setup is loading files”, “Standard IDE/ESDI hard disk controller”. Different Disaster Recovery CDs stop at the same place, even though they were created from different ISO creation passes. Could it be that there is some form of copy protection on the Windows XP Professional master disk, causing the Disaster Recovery disk to fail? How do I get past this problem to make a usable Disaster Recovery CD ROM?

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Please provide the following information about your configuration:




CPU (type & speed)


OS and revision including SP


How are the hard drives formatted – how many drives? i.e. C drive FAT32, D drive etc….


Which Drive is the startup volume?


Any SCSI Hard Drives?


Installed cards:

Attached devices, by interface, drive letter and ID:


Has this been reproduced (on another system)?


Version of the drivers loaded for devices/SCSI cards etc in the device manager


Have you tried creating the DR image more than once?


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