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Wiped off HD and need to reconfigure Retro...

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I cleaned off my harddrive (imac) and went back from two partitions to only one and reinstalled OSX etc. and Retrospect....now i need to reconfigure the REtro schedule etc...I can either (I think) append to the old one but that backup drive (FW-HD) is almost full) so I'm thinking of creating a new script and starting fresh....any tips or ideas? I want to save the old REtro data for awhile and figure i can probably safely move it to another FW-HD...but want to be sure that's okay. Am I forgetting anything or is this just like starting fresh and I should just go ahead and set up the new script as if the data is all new too and not worry about overwriting the drive the old stuff is on? I just don't want a misstep here. Thanks

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