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Slow CDR CDRW Compare Verify Comparing Verifying

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Keywords: Slow CDR CDRW Compare Verify Comparing Verifying

I just installed a Lite-on LTR-52246S, recommended by Amy to solve my problems with a slow Yamaha CRW-F1.


The LTR-52246S at nearly 300MB/Min is 11 times faster during copy than the Yamaha CRW-F1, but the verify/compare speed is almost the same as the Yamaha at about 100MB/sec.


If I use STOMP Backup MyPC, the copy and compare phases are both fast at about 300MB/min.


I spent only $60 for this top-of-the-line, 52x LTR-52246S CD-RW. If someone can recommend another CDRW drive that is truly fully supported by RP6, such that it will verify/compare at full device speed, I will go buy it.

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