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DR ISO File Too Big for CD-R


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My problem:

I made a complete backup, which terminated normally (although there were some access-to-files errors). But, when I then proceeded to make a CD-R bootable recovery disk, the ISO image file was about 873 MB in size, which is larger than any single CD-R can handle. I naturally assumed Retrospect would have some kind of internal file size limit, since it knew the output medium, but unless I missed an option or a switch somewhere, no such luck. If I just need to pick some different option to get a usable ISO image, I'd very much appreciate it if someone could advise me!


Assuming it is not so easy, here is the rest:

Retrospect help does not appear to have any information about what to do in this case: for instance, is there some way to span a large ISO file across two CD-R's, and if so, would this even work as far as maintaining the Restore functionality?


Searching the support forum, there appear to be two possible suggestions for making the DR CD-R ISO file smaller.

(1) Look for unexpected big files in the root of the boot drive. Not sure why this would make the DR image smaller, but I looked, and have only the standard system hibernation state and virtual memory page files that are large.

(2) Turn off Win XP’s System Restore function. I started to do this, and was warned that not only would I turn off tracking of future restore points (OK), but that I would also lose all past restore points (not so good). Is this the only choice, and if so, is it likely to be effective? If the answer to both is “yes”, I guess I’ll try it, but it sure seems like a bug if one has to remove basic OS functionality to get DR to work.


Background Info:

My OS is Win XP Pro, Version 2002, Service Pack 1. I am using Retrospect Express Backup, OEM Removables, Version 5.5.158, QPS Edition, which came with my USB 2.0, 80 GB, external hard drive from Que Corporation (the device I am backing up to). My PC is a Dell Dimension 8200, circa 9/2002, with a 40 GB boot drive. My CD-R burning program is Roxio Easy CD Creator, the OEM version that came with the PC.



Steve Burks

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When creating the DR CD, Retrospect will ask for the I386 folder to pull needed files. When prompted for this folder, make sure you are using the I386 folder located on your Windows installer CD, rather then on your hard drive. The folder on your hard drive may be too populated to fit on your CD (in addition to other files Retrospect requires outside of this folder).


If you only have a single CD drive, put the Windows installer CD in the drive before launching Retrospect to make the DR CD. Otherwise, Retrospect will take control of the drive. Once Retrospect has loaded a driver, Windows will not be able to load a driver and you will not be able to view the contents of your Windows installer CD.


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