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Retrospect 5.5 and Seagate dat

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I have a server with windows 2000 SP3 and Retrospect Backup Workgrup Edition 5.5.158

My DAT is a seagate 9SP40 firmware 9070

My Scsi card is MILEX accelleraid 160

Usign NTBackup is all ok. When I want to create a script Intstead or I want to configure devices, Retrospect detect SEAGATE DAT but it doesn't detect the cartridge and the message is EMPTY

Can you help me?

thanks in advance

Andrea Pessina



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Was ASPI installed correctly? Run ASPICHK (in the Retrospect Program Files

folder) to make sure ASPI is "green" and all components are at version 4.60 or higher. If not, try a reinstall (ASPIINST.exe). An updated version of ASPI can be found on the Adaptec website.


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