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How to remove all traces of Retrospect Client 5

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I am trying to troubleshoot the 519 gremlin.


Before I start screaming in frustration, I want to remove all traces of the 5.0 OS X client from an OS 10.2.3 Server (I am running Retrospect 5 Server on my own computer), and try with a fresh install of the client.


I have done searches on the word "retro" which found many things, but when I go to reinstall the client, the history of (failed) backups still shows up in the client, so clearly I'm not getting everything.


So...what do I need to remove to remove EVERYTHING? All logs, files, everything.




And by the way, yes, version 5 is way more fragile than 4. I don't care about all the reasoning coming from Dantz about how 519 errors are our problem, I never got anything like this until I went to 5.0! And all the while, I can Timbuktu, or file share, moving massive amounts of data from computers that Retrospect can't seem to stay connected to for more than a few MINUTES. So frustrating. I'm tempted to just mount the volumes to be backed up via AppleShare, and just give up on hoping for the ability to do a proper recover (with hidden files, etc.).

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Sorry, but that doesn't do it. The log file is still there, evidenced by the fact that when you reinstall, it shows the history of previous backups.




Can you please give me a list of all files that Retro installs and modifies?


Or at least tell me:


- where the log file is


- any other files (non-Retrospect) the Retrospect 5 client and/or client installer modifies (such as config files or logs)



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I have done searches on the word "retro" which found many things



Using Terminal entering:


locate retro



/Applications/Retrospect Client/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/retropds.22







I'd guess that Sherlock doesn't search in /private/ which might be the reason you didn't see the retroclient.history file.


Note that the locate command is case sensetive; I get different hits when I search for "Retro"





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