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Status of Yamaha CRW-F1EZ to work properly with RBE 5.6.132


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What is the status of Dantz promise to fix the "slow write" problem that occurs with

Retrospect backup express 5.6.132 when using a Yamaha CRW-F1EZ CD-RW drive?


The hardware compatability list says they "hope" to fix this at some future date.

There is no indication of what "future" means.



I "unfortunately" bought one last night because my yamaha cdr-3200EZ went out.

I figured that since it came with RBE 5.6.132 it must be ok.


My cdr-3200EZ drive would write 1 cd+ every 5 min. with RBE 5.6.132.

The cdr-F1EZ writes 1 cd every 25 min. with RBE 5.6.132!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floppies would be faster!



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