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Binding Retro Client to more than 1 enet interface

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I have 2 OSX servers with Apple's 4port enet card in them.


I want to keep the backup traffic off the main network by

using a cross over cable twixt one port of each server's

4port ethernet card.


I've privately addressed each 2ndary port in the

192.168.25.x address space. The xover cable is in place

and known to be good. Pings are good. All is well.


B4 attempting to do a backup under the new scenario

I went in and told retrospect to forget the old client at

it's ip address - expecting that I could reselect the client

at it's new 192.168.25.x address.


Here's the error message I get:


(activator code obfuscated for security reasons)


Retrospect version 5.0.205

launched at 2/12/2003 9:03AM

Activator code J-347F-TL4S-xxxx-1 is used for multiple clients:

JSD Webserver at

JSD Webserver at


Is retrospect incapable of listening on all enet interfaces?

Does updating to 5.0.238 solve this problem?

Is there a way around this situation?

I'm willing to re-install from scratch if it solves this problem.


Thanks folks.






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