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Bug report: Retro 6 server, OS X client, sleep


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Hi Folks,


Here's the scenario:

Server: Retrospect 6 under Windows XP

Client: OS X on a powerbook G4/667, OS X.2.3, 768 RAM


I've noticed that if the user puts his powerbook to sleep during the backup, the Retro server will usually fail to notice this, and get stuck. Right now, my Retro server has been attempting to back up the same client for 2.5 hours, and can't tell that it's no longer available. CPU usage is sitting at 99%, stop is greyed out, and the x close doesn't respond. I can pull up a log, so the interface is not hung. Exiting Retro isn't an option, I have to force quit, which messes up the catalog, requiring it to be rebuilt.


What can I do to fix this?




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