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Rebuilding Retro 6 Server host from Win2k to WinXP


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I am wanting to rebuild the maching that is currently the host for our Retrospect 6 Multi Server from Win2x to WinXP. I understand compatibility with WinXP is not a problem.


My question: What is the best way to seamlessly transfer all of my Retrospect information (Backup Sets, Scripts, Settings) off of the HD I am rebuilding and then back when the rebuild is complete in order to maintain seemless Retrospect operation.


We back up about 12 machines nightly including 2 Mac OS X file servers, 3 Unix web servers, and multiple Mac OS X and Win clients, so I can not afford any down time in our backup. Thanks for all replies.



Dan Pape


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i'm curious as to whether the instructions in the manual work. there is mention of moving the Config.dat file along with the catalog files; however, i don't see a Config.dat ANYWHERE.


i, too, have to move my retrospect installation, but do not want to lose all the client and script configuration. can someone confirm the manual's instructions will work (or point me in the right direction for updated/accurate procedure)?


many thanks!

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Actually the method recommeneded did not _totally_ work for me either. I could not find the config.dat file either and so upon moving while my Storage Set remained intact, I had to re-establish my client connections and rebuild my scripts.


Please let me know if you successfully find this file and get it to transfer for future reference.


-- Regards

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Well, it appears that there is a bit of a misprint in the PDF copy. The hard copy book lists the correct name of the file(s)- Config60 and Config60.dat. Sorry for any confusion! This will be corrected.


The files will either be in the Retrospect program folder or in the following location depending on what OS you're using:


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect


This is a hidden directory - if you can't find it, configure the computer to show hidden files and folders.

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