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osX, system profiler sees drive, retrospect does not

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Yesterday all of this worked fine...


Mac G4 Quicksilver 733


Retrospect Desktop 5.0.238

SCSI external AIT 1 drive

OSX 10.2.3


I have moved the UL2S card to another system (G4 Dual 500, all else same as above) which I would like to now be my backup machine. The drive shows up under system profiler but not under Devices in Retrospect. At the same time in the above Quicksilver system I have upgraded the ATTO card to a UL3D (with necessary software) and am having the same problem on that machine now. The system sees it but not Retrospect.


I am going to go back to the old setup now (Quicksilver with UL2S) to see if that works but I need to get this other machine (G4 Dual 500) working.


Any thoughts?...Thanks,


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