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Can you make a backup of a backup?

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I am backing up 9 Macs and it was taking too long to back up to DLT tapes. I would let it run overnight but the tape would fill around Midnight and the first person in would have to switch tapes to continue the backup. I could only back up 3 or 4 Macs a night. So, I bought a 250 GB external hard drive and backed everyone up to that. It worked great. My question is.... can I create a script and make a back up of the back up set on my external hard drive? I started to do it and it looks like it is working but it would be a long time before I am sure. The back up set is about 196 GB. If I back up the external drive (3 files; 1 file being the 196 GB storage set) to DLT tapes, will I be able to restore from that DLT backup tape set? Simply, I am making a storage set of a storage set. Will that work? Thanks!

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