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-43 Errors & how to backup to Windows server

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I have a Mac OS X 10.1.x server that I want backup to a Windows server. I have Retrospect Server 5.0.238. I have setup a duplicate script to copy corresponding files to the Windows server. However, when I run the script it eventually stops with several -43 errors and a subsequent -120 error ("Trouble writing files, error -120 (folder not found)").


(1) It appears that the files that the backup is failing on have special character in their name. Is there anyway around this besides renaming the files?


(2) Whenever I try a backup and it fails, I launch Retrospect the next morning and it tells me it can't find the Windows share. The share is right on the desktop, but for some reason it can't find it. As far as I know there is no way to automount a Windows share, correct? Is there anyway around THIS problem, too?


Thanks in advance!

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