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I have some questions about my backup strategy with OS 9, OS X and Windows 2000 clients. I know I probably should have read through the whole manual first, but if anyone could offer advice, I would gladly appreciate it since I'm relatively new to this multi-platform backup world.


Here is the situation.


I have Mac OS 9 clients that are set up with the Retrospect client to backup everything except bulleted folders using the Access Restrictions option : "Private File/Folders/Volumes name begins or ends with ? (Option-8)". These clients have been registered on the server and are in the "Backup Clients Container" that is in the Sources of my backup script.


Then I have Mac OS X clients, which I only want to backup their home folder, that also get included in the Backup Clients Container. This is where my problem/questions begin. If they are included in the Backup Clients Container, the whole disk gets backed up, right? So if I only want to back up a sub-volume, how can I combine those OS X clients with my OS 9 clients without having Retrospect backup the entire OS X drive?


And then finally come the Windows 2000 clients. As I understand it, the Windows setup of the Retrospect client only lets you exclude folders you do not want to backup. I guess like the OS X clients, I should add them to my script and backup only the sub-volume (like the users Documents and Settings folder)? But that will probably cause the whole PC drive to be backed up because the Windows client with be included in the Backup Clients Container.


Thanks for any advice.




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