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Busy signal on device

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When checking backup tape found Retrospect 5.6.XXX still open after scripted autoattend and displaying backup complete, I therefore tried to quit Retro and the message popped up saying "Pending" after 20 minutes i had to manually eject tape from drive(Compaq AIT35IDE) and End Task to exit.


Now the tape drive under Retrospect Configure>devices>status displays drive "busy", whether there is a tape in the drive or not and i cant get rid of it even after reboot system (Compaq Server & W2k Server O/S.


When i insert new tape for next backup cycle the unattended script starts but gets stuck on "Pending" and goes no further.


This is the second time this has happened , the first time i replaced the tape drive and restarted the system and it worked fine for a couple of days.


Someone must have had this problem before.

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