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Mac OS X Server and Error 102

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I am running Mac OS X server (10.2.3) & Retrospect for Workgroups 5.0.238 on a G4 dual 1GHz Tower, with a CD-RW, and DVD-RAM drive installed internally. Out of 5 nightly automated backups last week 3 failed with error 102 (communications problems) when trying to erase the DVD-RAM disk, from searching the knowledge base I discovered that this could be down to a file sharing problem, and disabling Apple File Server allows the backup to run.


As far as I can tell the DVD-RAM disc is not being shared (It is not set as a share point), and the drive performs without error in the finder. I can see two ways of solving this problem:


1) Modify the settings of the OS X server software so that Retrospect is able to erase the DVD-RAM disc.


2) Set the system so that the Server is disabled before the backup and restarted once the backup has finished. (Applescript or Cron?)


If anyone can make suggestions as to simple ways of doing either of these solutions I would be grateful. I have had a system using ASIP, and Retro 4 that worked flawlessly without any problems, but have had to change to OS X and Retro 5.0 quicker that I would have ideally liked.


Many thanks for any suggestions, and apologies if this duplicates any other posts I have tried searching the forum and not found anything dealing with this problem.

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