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outlook express selectors ??


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I back up 8 - 10 computes that have outlook express files of about 1 gig each.

In most cases the different folders in outlook express (ie personal folders and all special folders) do not change as no mail is received or sent. What happens is all the dates of the files change each time you send and receive (even though no mail is actually sent or received) and next time a backup is performed all the folders in outlook express are needed to be backed up when there is no actual need. This takes up a lot of time and tape space when not really needed. There must be a way of telling the outlook express folder to back up only the *.dbx files that have changed in size.

Hoping someone can help


Chris Br

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I don't know of a way to do what you want. We'll see if one of the admins has something to say.


I did make some comments in the following post:




that may be helpful as a way to somewhat reduce the large amount of data that's being backed up while not losing all dbx data.

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