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Compression-How can I tell?


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our backups used to take only one Dat 12/24 G tape. We ran these backups on one tape for two weeks.




Now we decided to run a daily backup. Each day to a seperate tape (Mon thru fri).


All of a sudden we are using two tapes for each daily backup.




The Sony SDT-9000/PB device has the compression jumber enabled.


I have also tried using the Software compression feature on Retrospect.




[color:red]how can I tell if the data is being compressed?[/color]

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If you are using software compression - performance data will be listed in the log (percentages).


If you're using hardware compression, you can see how much data is fitting on each member by going to Configure > Backup Sets > Properties. The members tab will give you the total amount of data stored per member. Because compression is performed by the hardware, the Retrospect log cannot generate percentage data.

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it's telling me that I used 21.5 G and I had 22.7 G available on a 12/24 G DAT tape...


.............things that make you say, "...hmmmmmm....?"




I will configure the script so it doesn't save cache files...this will be especially important in the roaming profiles which can get quite large.




I'm only putting 1.7 G on the second tape...if I can squeeze that back onto the first tape and not use a second tape, I will be a happy camper.




Would it be a good idea to compress the catalogue...?

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