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I Give Up!!!


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Just want you all to know that I've given up on retrospects software. I've had more challenges trying to do a restore than I care to mention. This software came bundled with my cdrw drive and I'm sorry I didn't buy norton ghost since I've been using it successfully for years with no problems. Someone said that you get what you pay for and I believe they are right. I've seen little to no support to ntfs and win xp boxes which tells me that retrospect hasn't crossed that plateau yet. I really was excited about this software and, while disappointed with it's disaster restore capabilities, it did restore my D, E, and F drives. Also, I was lucky enough to have all of my original sofware burned on cd's so, while time consuming, I have been able to restore my hard drive with little loss. Retrospect did come in handy for this. Unfortunately I am incredibly disappointed with how disastrous my disaster recovery was and I see from reading these boards - I'm not the only one!!! Good luck to all of you that have used this software successfully.

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