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Trouble writing media: error -100


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I downloaded retrospect express for windows (5.6?) and started the first backup to a ricoh mp7120a cd-r with a tdk cd-r in it. It went for a couple minutes, showed 256 mb completed out of 13 gb, then the cd-r was spit out and I got,




Trouble writing media: "1-backup set a" error -100 (device rejected command)




I checked to make sure the cd-rw is supported and it is.




What's up?





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Hi Dan,




I also had trouble writing to CD-Rs. After making a few coasters, I tried a CD-RW (Verbatim DataLifePlus 2x-4x) which worked fine after upgrading the burner's firmware. The CD-Rs were some generic bulk pack so it was possible the CD's were bad.




FYI - I'm planning on using CD-RWs anyway and having multiple backup sets. Once all the sets are used, I'll recycle them by starting with the first set of CDs. My initial tests show that I can use CloneCD to format the CD-RWs rather than having Express format them (2 minutes versus 20 minutes).




Good luck,







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