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Backing up over wireless


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I purchased a copy of Dantz Retrospect Professional version 6 on October 14th, and thanks to your excellent tech support have succeeded in getting it up and running.




I'm running Retrospect on a desktop machine running Windows XP Professional, and have the retrospect client running on an IBM notebook also running WinXP Pro. I use a backup script that performs a normal disk backup of volumes on the notebook to the desktop machine, and have it scheduled to run unattended each night. All of this is working flawlessly with one exception.




It seems that I must be hard-wired into the local network for Retrospect to locate the Retrospect client. When I'm connected to the network using an 802.11b wireless network card and through a wireless access point connected to my router (LinkSys WPC 11 and WAP11 is the hardware I'm using), Retrospect is unable to locate the Retrospect client. In either case the router is set to operate as a DHCP provider to provide IP addresses, so the notebook is on the same subnet in both cases.




Is there a trick to making this work, or must I "plug in" so that my scheduled backups work? It'd be nice to have this work over the wireless network so when I fall asleep on the couch with my notebook on my lap, that the backup still executes!







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Your setup sounds *identical* to mine. My notebook gets noticed whether it is wired to the switch or the WAP (in both cases it gets an ip from the switch). It has a different ip in both cases, but the server *seems* to look for the computer name, not the IP. I haven't looked into this because it just worked for me, but unless I'm overlooking something, I think you should be able to get it to work. For what it's worth, when I upgraded from 5.1 to 6.0, my clients were not found by the server. It later worked after I uninstalled and reinstalled everything (as the help files suggested). I'm not sure if that would help (or is feasible), but sometimes that's not a bad rout to go.




Good luck!





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