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6.0 trial causes XP BSOD in ASPI32.SYS


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On my Windows XP SP1 system, I can reliably cause a BSOD by doing the following:




- Launch the trial Retrospect Professional 6.0


- Begin to create a backup set


- After it scans my SCSI devices, cancel out without creating a backup set


- Try to exit Retrospect, and it hangs while the status bar says "Quitting"


- Force the application closed in the Task Bar




It eventually causes a STOP 0x00000076 - PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES error. Following the instructions at:








I told Windows to track locked pages. Now, the crash is








as expected. The driver is ASPI32.SYS. I am using the very latest 4.72 ASPI straight from www.adaptec.com. Seems like something Dantz might want to fix.

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Whoops - I misunderstood.. I assumed this was some keyboard shortcut in Preferences, so I pressed CTRL-ALT-P (nothing) and P (still nothing). CTRL-ALT-P-P brings up the Sooper-Sekrit Preferences, and when I enable NT passthrough, Retrospect no longer hangs or crashes. Yay.




Seems like there might be some incompatibility with ASPI 4.72, at least with my drive (Seagate Scorpion DDS-4 06240 internal SCSI). It only happens when there is a tape in the drive (either used or blank); the device status just stays at "busy" forever, eventually leading to the previously-mentioned BSOD, either a DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS in ASPI32.SYS, or a DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in SYM_U3.SYS (the Symbios/LSI Logic host adapter driver that comes with XP). I cannot quit Retrospect manually, and if I force-quit it from the Applications tab of the Task Manager, the Retrospect.exe process sticks around forever in the Processes tab.




I guess as long as there's a workaround I'm ok, but it does make me somewhat nervous... I disabled all my startup apps, uninstalled Backup Exec Open File Option, disabled the Veritas tape driver, installed the Retrospect driver update (3.4.106), all to no avail.

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ASPI is a software layer that enables programs to communicate with SCSI and ATAPI devices. NT Passthrough is the default Microsoft layer. Some devices communicate more effectively with ASPI, and others communicate more effectively with NT Passthrough. When one doesn't work, we typically suggest trying the other.




ASPI may not have installed correctly on your system or may conflict with certain hardware. For more information, please see the Adaptec website. www.adaptec.com



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