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Event Log Errors


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I recently installed Retrospect Pro 6 and the 3.4 RDU. Now I have disk errors (warnings, actually) being reported in the event log, even when not using Retrospect. Specifically, I have Event ID's 34, 51, and 52 (write cache disabled, error detected during paging operation, and driver has predicted that drive will fail, respectively). The first two errors appear to relate to the first hard drive and the last to the second hard drive.




If it matters, I am running both drives off of a Maxtor ATA 100 controller card.




These errors were not present before installing Retrospect. Any ideas?







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Other then the Retrospect Launcher Service, which allows Retrospect to automatically launch, nothing else is running when Retrospect is closed. There would nothing related to Retrospect that is affecting your drives.




I suspect it may be a coincidence. Try uninstalling Retrospect - do the errors go away?

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