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Error 212 (media erased)

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I am having a heck of a time getting an ASIP server to backup correctly. It appears as though it backs up the data, however it looks as though when it starts to verify, that it can't find the info that it just put to tape. The errors I'm getting are as follows:




Trouble positioning: "1-Daily Backup Set A" (26330), error 212 (media erased).


Trouble reading: "1-Daily Backup Set A" (26330), error 212 (media erased).


... it continues on like this forever, or unil I kill the backup.




I have a B&W G3 Server running ASIP, Retrospect 4.3C, and an Onstream ADR50 tape drive. One odd thing... if I make a subvolume of the Hard Drive, it appears to backup without issue!




Please help before I eat my own brain.




Dustin Tantum


Beck Graphic Solutions

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