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Trial user needs help..


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I am using a trial version and have a question. If I select the C: drive to back up, then go into the list of all files/folders and check only certain files/folders to back up, this works fine. But if I quit Retrospect and go back, and go to backup, it has forgotten all the files/folders I checked. How do I have it remember?




Plus, if I set a scheduled backup, will it back up using the files/folders I marked for backup?





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You best approach is to use Subvolumes to backup folders. There's not an easy way to specific specific files for backup, rather then folders.




You have two choices if you don't want to backup entire folders:




1) Make a selector under Configure > Selectors that includes or excludes files based on criteria that you set up.




2) Mark all the files, as you have been doing, then use Ctrl-S to "Save Highlights" This will allow you to save a path/name specific selector that you can apply to your backups. Once created, this type of selector cannot be easily edited.

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