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Retro conflict - boot dvd drive?


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I was getting errors with my LG drive, which BluRay and DVD, and was a second drive on my Win 7 machine. I got a new Liteon BD and DVD. Unfortunately, neither DVD or BD works.


In going to the HP DVD Ram backup drive, I noticed very slow start times of Retrospec 7.7, iTunes and others. A reboot takes about 5 mintues. I found if I eject the disk, the programs come right up. I have to eject the disk at boot to have the machine come up normally. I do have Roxio Creator, this used to work with Retro. Not sure if the Liteon is conflicting, or the boot aspect of the current drive (disk is first, the DVD is the last in the series).


Basically Retro is toast for any DVD removable storage. I am no going to a backup drive.


Good product, tech support has gone to zero. 4 year old DVDs listed as supported. Per the conflict above, they told me "stop the Retro engine and see if the DVD works. If the DVD works, quit using the engine". Great advice, quit using your product.

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