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Excluded folders are backed up as empty folders


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Assume I have files like this:





And I create a selector to exclude all files and folders contained in:




When I look at the snapshot after the backup, I see the following empty folders -- they don't contain any files, but the folder names are there:





Why is it backing up path3 and path4? I see that it's not backing up the files inside those paths, but I don't want the folders themselves included in the backup either, even if they're empty.


I've tried every possible combination of Windows Path selector lines, using "matches", "contains", "starts with", etc., but it's always the same.




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Try with the administrator account, obviously you don't have all permissions.


Tibo, I'm not sure you're understanding the problem correctly. Just to be clear, I'm not saying that folders are being backed up as empty when I should be seeing files in them. I'm saying that folders that I've excluded with a selector are being included in the backup anyway, but without any actual files backed up -- just empty directories. But according to the selector rule I setup, even the folder names themselves shouldn't be appearing in the backup, and that's what I'm trying to figure out how to prevent.




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