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Hello All,


Sorry for the newbie question but I am not seeming to grasp exactly what needs to be edited in the retroeventhandler.bat file in order to make it work.


I am currently running Retrospect 7.6.123 Single Server on Win 2003 SP2 STD.


The goal is when a certain client is called for backup, to stop some windows services prior to the files being backed up and then after the files are backed up, have the windows services restart.


When looking at retroeventhandler.bat, it contains many different sections, ie; StartApp, EndApp, StartBackupServer, etc.. I am not sure which section to edit (startscript and endscript?) and additionally, do I remove all other entries?


Thanks in advance!!!!

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I didn't even know about this file.. interesting.


If it works (that's a big if!) then it's all the more confusing why it's taken so long to get 'sleep/turn off' after backup options up and running.


edit: Just taken a look, doesn't look like it's in the 7.7 client? Where is this file, on your server?


edit2: Had another look, on the server under 'External Scripts / Samble Bat' if anyone else is interested.


edit3: This looks server-side scripting, i.e. almost duplicating the script process in the GUI. Shame it doesn't run on the client..



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For some reason I was under the impression that this would work on a client that is being called as well - I will have to research further..


BTW - this is the only place where you can get help on this file...support does not support the file or the functionality.


Edit: Found this in the readme with the sample scripts so there is some hope yet..


Retrospect supports external scripts to further automate Retrospect operations. You can attach a single executable script to Retrospect or to a Retrospect client to act upon the scriptable events which occur during operations.


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