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DR only produces 100's of small files


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Disaster Recovery preparation did not produce an .ISO image file. Instead, it created a very large number of small files on my C:\ drive (root directory) - Retrospect 6.0.




I need to know:


1. Which files I can safely remove from C:\


2. How to clean up my C:\ (completely as far as these files are concerned).


3. How to prevent this from happening again.




I pointed to the C:\I386 folder when asked in the preparation process.




I had used the File option to use my external hard drive in the backup and compare which preceeded the DR preparation.

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Update on my post - apparently all those files were there before the DR preparation - they all begin with "S" and most extensions are single digit numbers - must have been created at an earlier date.




Still cannot find anything like an ISO file however.

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