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Backup/Verify Problem


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I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I'm having with Retrospect Pro? I had to use the disaster recovery CD/Backup Set


to restore a hard drive problem, which worked PERFECTLY! Up until then I had done 3 full backups, 1 incremental, and 2 client


backups successfully. Now, during the verify portion of a full backup, the last CD won't verify. The program just continues to say


insert disk 7. I have looked at the properties of the backup set, and it shows that #7 is "unknown backup set member". It looks


like the CD wasn't finalized. I first experienced this problem yesterday (10/20/02) and again today. I tried using different CD-RW


disks, and watched the last CD being created. It reported "closing" the CD after all of the data was recorded, and again when the


catalog was updated.




Is there a way to "attach" this backup set member to a backup set? I tried marking it as "missing" and then adding it back, but


I'm still unable to verify the last CD in the set.




Thanks for your help,



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If I understand correctly, it is only this one disc that won't verify? If so, leave it marked as missing. Retrospect will go on to the next member and backup any data that was on Member 7 (that is still on the hard drive). The next disc will be called 8-xxx.




Going forward with this, does the problem continue to happen on the next disc when closing? If so, please go to Configure > Devices > Environment and list Vendor, Product and Version for your drive. Also, make sure you are using quality media, such as TDK, Sony or Verbatim. CD burners can be very picky - your drive vendor may have a media compatibility list on their website listing media compatible with your drive.



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Thanks Amy for replying. Yes, it is only the last disc that is not verifying. I'm concerned that if I


leave it marked as "missing" that if I have to use this set for disaster recovery, the data on that


last disc may be missing. I will try finding out the make/model of the drive and see if there are


any issues there. It just seemed odd to me that I had NO trouble with backup/verify before I


used the restore and now I do. I am using Imation CD-RW discs.




Thanks again,



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Ok, I know I'm not getting my point across, but I'll try again. If I leave the set marked as


missing, the next backup would pick up that data (presuming that it is still on the drive).


Now assuming that this new backup is able to verify all the discs in the backup, which


snapshot would be used for the disaster recovery? The first one; the one that wouldn't


verify it's last disc? Would the restore end abnormally with a missing member set? I hope


you see my concern; I would like to have a "full" backup that could be used for recovery;


not one, or more, which have to be loaded sequentially.




One other thing I noticed; when I insert disc 7 into my drive, it displays the name as


1 - unknown Backup Set Member. Any ideas how it reverted to one from the disc before


it being named 6?

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You can use any snapshot you'd like for disaster recovery. If you are marking members as missing, you should not use snapshots that were created from files on the missing members. You are not stuck with the one you choose during creation. In most cases, users want to use the most recent snapshot - not one that may have been created months ago.




The disc you are referring to is damaged - which could result from poor quality media, communication problems or drive problems, among other things.

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