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Official statement on the "Out of sync" issue pls!


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A fast search on all categories on "out of sync", reveals that it is pretty obvious that Retrospect 6.0 has some kind of issue here.




My installation show exact same problem, and it would be really nice if Dantz posted some official statement on this issue - 'cause I'm feeling I'm wasting my time reading manuals and stuff.




Short description of issue:


When ever you try to add something to an exsisting TAPE backup set, you'll get "out of sync". Repair/update doesn't help (runs for ever). If you run more than one source within same script, you'll see the problem right after first source is completed. If you switch off "verify", the error wait to display until you run the script again.




Tried same procedure on a FILE backup set - no problem! Seem like it's only while using tape.


Knowledge base doesn't help, i.e. cleaning, replacing, more memory, etc...






Retrospect 6.0 w. latest driver update running on W2K server fully updated.


Backing up two W2K pro clients, retro clients are v. 6.0.110.


Tape drive is Benchmark DLT DC (ran perfect under Retrospect 5.6)





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We haven't currently quantified this as a Retrospect 6.0 issue, although we'd like to gather more information. Can you try some tests?




1. Clean install Retrospect (uninstall / reboot / reinstall) to ensure that no files were corrupted in the upgrade process. Run a new backup to a new backup set, with a new tape preferably. Does the error occur?




2. If the problems continue, uninstall Retrospect and reboot. Install your copy of 5.6 on the same machine. Run the same backup used with Retrospect 6.0 (same backup set, same tapes). Does the error occur?

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I’ve tried any combination of cleaning, changing, deleting, reinstalling, rebooting - of tape, backup set and Retrospect. The only thing that seems to change the issue a bit, is whether or not verify is switched on (as described earlier). So the answer your first question would be: yes.




So I gave up! Uninstalled, downgraded to Retro 5.6, but it seems like after the 6.0 has been by the system, 5.6 can no longer see the tape drive. Tried change SCSI-id and the NT-pass through option, didn’t help. The W2K build-in backup, did fine (not to worry – I’m in control of the Removable Storage Service :) ).


If you’ve got a quick fix for this, it would be very nice to have some backup while waiting for 6.0 (which I haven’t bought yet, though)


So the answer your second question would be: dunno.




Reinstalled 6.0, and the drive is back – and so was the “out of sync”. I’m stuck!

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