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2GB File limit/Tape drives

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I haven't started using retrospect, but am considering purchasing it. So if I ask a stupid question, please remember I've never used this software.




When the backup file reaches 2GB, does it start to create a new file until this second one becomes 2GB and so on?




Or is the "file" type of backup limited to 2GB and when you hit that 2GB its over?




Only the "file" type back up has this problem? If I backup to tape, it will bacup of 2MB or 200GB if I have enough tapes, correct?




Thanks in advance to anybody who answers these.









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Previous versions of Retrospect limited file backup sets to 2 GB, but Retrospect version 4.3 has lifted this limitation. To back up to a file backup set of more than 2 GB, you must be running Mac OS 9 or later, Retrospect 4.3, and the volume to which you are saving the file must be formatted as HFS Extended.




If you are missing one of these components, the workaround is to back up to *multiple* file backup sets on the same hard drive. You will have to determine which volumes or amounts of data can fit into the various file backup sets you create.




For example, if you were backing up 3 volumes to a file backup set, you can now back up volume 1 to file Backup Set A, volume 2 to file Backup Set B, and volume 3 to file Backup Set C.




If it's not so clear cut, you will have to determine groups of folder subvolumes or use our selectors not to back up certain files and apportion amounts of data to each file backup set.

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